Monday, June 8, 2015

Song For My Father

From an island six thousand miles away,
a young man sailed towards his future,
leaving all he had fought in a World War to secure
and protect for the honor of his country.

His wife and children stayed behind to wait
as he struggled with adventure to find a home,
in whichever port he landed they would come
and together trust their lives to fate.

Inside his duffle bag he brought the tools
his father had given him for his own good:
strength, courage, respect for elders, laws, and God.
Everything he would need to reach his goals.

Luckily in this new language and citizenry,
he found a few friends who spoke his dialect
and shared his dream to re-collect
the pieces of  an extended family.

In these new cities would be grown
a living for themselves where their children
could pursue a personal dream
they would call their own.

The province of his birth was always in his heart;
he did not abandon the customs of his youth.
Each day was a testament to the truth
of how he played his part.

Now each of us is gathered here to witness
the place where he is lain to rest
in honor of a sailor's last request:
love of country, family, duty and service.

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