Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Great Art Handlers

In the beginning there were 5 great art transporters,
each had talent and practiced the art as if it were an ordinary act,
humble in the action of a fact,
unaware of the value of their endeavors.

They were all peculiar of course,
lived apart in separate geographies
studied opposite philosophies,
aiming towards a similar source.

The differences in technique and opinion
described the range of the great art handler,
difficult situations brought out the master,
it was obvious in their personal presentation.

Now they’re almost forgotten,
split up by the business of natural selection,
the opportunity of personal evolution
and the end of an unreasonable passion.

Ben Gage

*I earn my living as an Art Handler, when I started, I learned from a great group of friends, I thank them....

1 comment:

  1. In the end, no one knows 'the studio',

    The students, the admirers, helpers,

    Hefters, or the curious, the gawkers,

    The ones just looking, buyers, talkers,

    The ones who glance a bit, then 'addio'.